I am Pablo

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.
Marcel Proust

The weathered paint shows the passing of time. Unseen, just to the right is the date it was painted: 9/96… almost 9 years ago. It is amazing to think how much has changed in that time, more amazing yet to imagine what awaits in the years to come.

Long ago when I painted these letters they held a specific meaning, the weathering only reveals how those meanings can change. Once charged with a purpose in life, I now find myself looking into the future in much the same way that I gaze into these letters. They could be easily overlooked as something simple, betraying the complexity of what lays behind each stroke. Much like our lives, they are not to be taken at face value. Like each and every one of us, I find myself on a quest for definition. Searching for my place in this world, do I settle for fading paint on a forgotten rock? Or do I find a more permanent place to leave my mark?

Only time will tell…

As my thoughts spill out onto these intangible pages they invite each of you to join me in my quest. I can not promise that I will entertain you with every word. Nor can I promise that there will ever be an end to this journey… the only thing I can promise is a glimpse into what makes me — Pablo

5 thoughts on “Voyage”

  1. At this rate, we should have one entry by the time you get back! 🙂

    Keep ’em coming – I know this will be the best way to find out what you’re doing when away.

    “The rocks”. How long did it take you to find this? I wonder what happened to my carving? 🙂

  2. i scratched an ‘i love sarah’ onto the top a wall many years ago, like 11. it’s still there.

    but they made the wall higher.. added bricks. so it got covered up.

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