Smoky Mountains


What better way to celebrate the summer than a camping trip! This past weekend we decided to pack our bags and head to the great Smoky Mountains National Park. Greg, Mila, Katty and I crammed all of our gear in Greg’s Golf and escaped into the mysterious, mountainous woods of the Smokys!


Traversing 590 miles we arrived shortly after midnight eastern time. After getting our tents up and having a few drinks we slept with the trees and the night sky as our only protection. The next morning we awoke and decided on the hike for the day. Greg picked out a great 6miler for us that took us along a creek bed as well as a few waterfalls (see above picture)! Unfortunately we found out how the Smoky Mountains got their name when we reached to the top of our climb – it was too foggy even to see the mountain next to us! But the hike itself was beautiful! Besides, when else would we get to hear the songs from Katty and Mila’s childhood? I’ll see what I can do about getting some audio clips up here! 😉

After a long day of hiking we had an incredible dinner of wood grilled steak and chicken with curry couscous – yumm. Add a few beers and then top it off with some smores for dessert! I even won cheated at a game of Uno!


The next day we attempted the Chimney Tops hike, but it started to rain enough for us to consider turning around. In the end it was probably for the best as we had a LONG DRIVE home! After having lunch at on of the scenic viewpoints, we headed out of the park and into an ungodly amount of traffic!


We used my new bluetooth GPS to route us to a quicker more scenic route through Kentucky where we not only experienced the incredible winding roads we happend across the Cumberland Falls of KY. I think I actually heard somebody in our group comment that they were more spectacular than Niagra! Well, at least what you can see from the US side anyway…


Overall we had a great weekend, although my back hasn’t forgiven me for not bringing a sleeping pad! There isn’t a better way to spend a summer weekend than with people who are closest to you in the fresh air of campgrounds and hiking trails!

8 thoughts on “Smoky Mountains”

  1. Oh you guys stop whining! Rough the edges y dense masajitos en sus respectivas espalditas… pobrecitas. The highlight of the trip: Pablo’s high-tech gadgets and a gps oriented detour that took 3 hours longer! 😉 J/K We had a BLAST and got to see even more waterfalls!! Pablo: I want all the pics. CAN’T WAIT TO DO IT AGAIN! 🙂

  2. Hutch, you can email directly to your blog too, FYI. (sigh)

    Excellent pics, as usual. If you need help while you’re away getting anything up (umm.. to the server) just let me know!

  3. we never had this much on FOD, man.

    i was SO going to be amazed at you..

    bluetooth gps route crap.

    but i knew it was too good to be true.

    you got lost with GPS! hah!

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