Millenium Park


Friday night was a journey of a different sort. With the city of Chicago as our backdrop and Millennium Park as our stage, the Grant Park Orchestra performed one of my favorite pieces of music; Gustav Holst’s The Planets.


Surrounded by family, I took in all of the sights and sounds that the evening had to offer. The sun setting behind the skyline, the last rays grazing the top of the buildings as it set. The clouds changing forms and colors overhead as the music took us away. It was my first concert at Millennium Park, and it certainly will not be the last. For those of you who haven’t experienced a concert there yet – I strongly suggest you try and do so! Even if just visiting for the weekend. The view is only topped by the acoustics! You can’t beat the price either as its free! Just bring a few friends, a cooler full of food and your favorite libation and enjoy what I assure you will be an incredible night!

7 thoughts on “Millenium Park”

  1. Pablito! I’m definitely going to be reading this regularly. It’s awesome! Beautiful pics and writing. I’m so jealous of your trip into the smokeys when I’ve been stuck in the big city for 6 weeks! Too bad I missed it, I would’ve loved to be there. Also too bad we’ve just narrowly missing each other… Well, at least I’ll get to read about everything you do in Europe… and steal some of your ideas for when I go! Much love hermano.

  2. Great pics…havent been to Millenium Park for any concerts though, but it does sound like it would really be good. I gotta get down there before the summer ends.

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