The city of lights

The city of lights

Our first full day in Paris was about as loaded as one can get. From meandering through the streets of this magnificent city to exploring the Metro system, we did it all. Starting at Matt’s family’s hotel we set out on our adventure for the day.

One of the most fascinating aspects about Paris, for me, was that around every corner there was something beautiful. Wether it be an arch placed in the middle of the city streets…

….or a fountain tucked into a quaint little plaza, surrounded by beautiful flowers, shade and benches for the citizens to enjoy. Matt and I explored a fair bit on our own until we received the phone call that his family had arrived.

After introductions and becoming acquainted with our new company, as well as attempting to acquaint them with the new city… we started out easy and picked the closest landmark to the hotel, that being the Opera house. What we thought would be a quick jaunt ended up being a lesson in making sure not to leave anybody behind! We finally found Matt (or he found us, depending on who you ask) about an hour later. We then decided to head to the Louvre. (first image)

After trying to absorb the enormity of the museum from the outside, we began to take in the grounds. We discovered that there was indeed a ferris wheel and that gravel seems to be a good substitute for grass…
Sort of.

It was a brisk walk to the Place de la Concorde where the 3300 year old obelisk (taken from the temple of Ramses at Thebes) resides.

The Arch de Triomphe was deceptively far away, but we were on a roll and we continued our trek. Stopping for a bit of ice-cream to restore some energy, we had finally arrived at our final destination…
for the moment!

The grave of the unknown soldier.

As the hour hand slowly passes the 3… I realize that this entry will have to continue tomorrow! Sleep calls.. after two days and nights such as these… I must finally succumb! …more soon…

6 thoughts on “The city of lights”

  1. It’s amazing.. I love the pictures!! que bien todo lo que hiciste no me puedo imaginar como es estar ahi! es hermosisimo todo.. tan diferente, tan lindo! ..TQTT

  2. These are good pictures. I really only have one comment. As someone who has actually lived in a house with front and back gravel yards, I have to attest that I didn’t like it as a grass “substitute”.

    Everybody who visited the house seemingly went through the same series of reactions:
    1. Oh, look, gravel!
    2. That’s a really interesting landscaping idea, I wonder if I could use it at my place.
    3. [Later on…] I can’t lay down on gravel, and it hurts to walk on it barefoot.
    4. Not even the dogs who pee by the smelly, gross trash can come near the house.
    5. I’m going to the park.

  3. Hey, Pablo, this is amazing to read! It looks so awesome – I hope I get to visit it again when I’m in spain… keep posting!

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