Dresden to Prague

We stopped by Dresden for lunch on our way to Prague!


Upon arriving at Prague we met our flatmate Samara who is from
southern Brazil. She ended up joining us for dinner and then the club!
The M1 Secret Lounge – so far one of the best we have been to!
Samara suggested I try a redbull whiskey – as that is popular in
Brazil. Suffice it to say, I’m sticking to redbull and vodka! 🙂



4 thoughts on “Dresden to Prague”

  1. Thank you Pablo for all your pictures and coments. Como diria mark “you’re a lucky dog”. Para me tambien es una experiencia seguirte a traves de la ‘red electronica’ por todos los lugares que estais visitando y pensar con frecuencia en lo que haces por “the old Europe”.
    Es una maravilla estar en frente de la pantalla del ordenador y como si fuera una ventana magica ver y visitar los mismos lugares en los que tu estas casi en cada momento.
    Que sigas disfrutando y descubriendo nuevas mezclas alcoholicas…

  2. Hi Guys,
    It’s great to see you are enjoying yourselves. Our trip has been just as enjoyable, especially the hot showers at Matts’ place. We are now in Dieppe and tomorrow is the Louvre. Hope you get the cqr bqck without too much trouble.
    PS Everone says hi. Thanks for the notes in the car. 🙂

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