Pearly white gates

To some of us, the image of pearly white gates makes us think of heaven. On a day like today, nothing could be closer to the truth! We decided to drive a bit outside of Prague to a town called Plzen – the birthplace of pilsner beer!

We ventured outside of the mobs of tourists in Prague to find ourselves in the backcountry of the Czech Republic. After a quick encounter with the cops (the GPS led us into an illegal position) we found our way to the brewery. There we purchased our tickets for the tour and were off to discover what makes Pilsner Urquell the beer that it is! After talking about the brewing process as well as showing us around the state-of-the-art brewery we headed down into the cellars – 8 miles worth of cellars!

We then were treated to unfiltered brew straight from the barrel! The taste is quite different, but it was very rich and smooth!

We then got an idea of how much beer they produce – over 720,000 liters a day! They still use the old barrels to test to make sure that the brewing process is producing the same quality of beer. Fascinating!

We then had lunch at the restaurant that they have on the premises – one of our cheapest meals yet at ~20 euro total for the three of us with more beer than we could drink! We had a blast!

We are now back in Prague for our last night here – off to Krakow in the morning!

3 thoughts on “Pearly white gates”

  1. awesome… it’s hilarious because you guys are doing totally different things than I would do! It would never occur to me to go to a brewery or a racetrack, but it’s awesome, I’m glad to see a different perspective. It sounds like you guys are having a blast!

  2. Hola Chicos!! soy Valeria (Berlin)…que tal sigue vuestro viaje?por lo que leo de maravilla. Nosotras ya estamos en casita…ahora toca descansar de nuestro largo y fatigoso viaje!! aunque hecho de menos no tener que estar pendiente de los trenes…sera la depresion post-vacacional? 😉 hihi .Saludos y Besos para los tres de…las espanolas de Berlin!

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