After a late first night, we actually got a decent start on the
morning! Getting out by 10am! We decided to walk up to the Prague
Castle and ended up spending the majority of the day there. We opted
for a 2 hour guided tour as well as a ticket to fully explore the
castle. We really lucked out with the weather again as you can see in
the pictures! Learning about the history of Prague was quite
interesting as well!


The view from inside the cathedral is just as impressive as the outside!



We then went into the King’s palace and the tour guide showed us
around. She even showed us where the 2nd Prague defenestration took
place! Forgot to make a pic for the blog of that one – but be sure
that I took a few! Here is a picture of the great hall where they
would have plays as well as jousts!


Detail of the ceiling


We then climbed up the 287 steps to get to the top of the cathedral
bell tower. A lot harder than we had originally thought but the view
was worth it!



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