Krakow nights


The drive from Prague to Krakow was a mixed bag of incredible mountain
roads, decent highways and some of the worst roads I have ever driven
on. We couldn’t believe that they were considered highways! As our
last night in Prague was a late one (4am) – Matt took a decent nap in
the car while I battled with the crazy drivers on the 2 lane highways!
Once arriving in Krakow we quickly found our hostel. Much to our
delight the Hostel was incredibly clean and centrally located. After
dropping off our stuff we headed into the old part of the town.

Krakow has much more to offer than I had expected! The main square is
the biggest in Europe. The crowds were more manageable than Prague,
and the pubs and clubs dotted every street and corner! Once again, we
had fantastic luck with the weather as it was perfect all weekend! We
opted for something different and had Indian food for dinner on


We then decided to check out the nightlife in Krakow. At a glance, it
doesn’t seem like there are many clubs… the reason being is that
they are all underground. The buildings in the old part of town are
hundreds of years old and had very large and intricate cellars. Those
cellars have since been converted to clubs and each of them has their
own distinct style! It feels like you are walking into the basement of
a medieval castle as you walk in! There was no cover at any of the
clubs either, so Matt and I were able to explore a good many of them
before deciding on where to stay. After having found a spot and having
purchased a few libations, I suddenly saw something that I did not
expect to see in Krakow!


Loyola University. Chicago! I immediately asked him if he had been
to Chicago – he had not. A cousin of his lives in Chicago and buys
shirts to send to Poland! It was quite funny actually – but we ended
up striking conversation with him and his group of friends! One of
them, Marisa, even teaches English here in Poland! It was great to
meet a bunch of locals – even if they do think we are crazy!

Sunday we headed to Auschwitz – which was quite a somber experience
compared to the rest of the trip – it deserves its own entry.
Hopefully it’ll happen soon! One of the workers at the hostel was
gracious enough to show us around town last night – and we found out
that even on a Monday night Krakow is still a party! Matt and I agree
that it was much more than either of us expected!

Now we are off to Budapest – without the assistance of the GPS! We
will be driving through Slovakia on our way to Hungary, and it doesn’t
have maps for either. D’OH! The downside to depending on technology…