Voyage to Hungary

It was a LONG drive from Krakow to Budapest. The roads in Poland aren’t quite the best, and there was a detour that threw us way off track! Without GPS guidance in Slovakia we had to relay on gasp MAPS! But we ended up arriving without many problems. We were so exhausted that we only had the energy to go out for dinner and then crash at the hostel last night. This morning we decided to try and take care of the car issues (needed a replacement tire and to fix the window) and it was a total disaster. Took almost 4 hours all said and done, and we still don’t have a tire or a working window! We hadn’t eaten all morning either… so we finally got back to the city and had late breakfast/lunch or early dinner at 5:30! Uggh..

But we finally had a chance to start exploring the city – decided to stop real quick to post. I’ll have to send the pics tomorrow! Until soon!

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