Rain in Budapest

Although it rained most of the day on Tueday when we had the “getting the Puma fixed” extraviganza – we were able to make it out to the Danube that night to take some pictures and wander around. We are staying on the Pest side – so the pictures you see are of the Buda side. The view was spectacular!

They were just turning on all of the lights when we arrived – here is the view of the castle from Pest!

We then found out that our Brazilian friend Samara was staying in Budapest as well – so after meeting up at her Hostel with 3 other brazilian guys, a sweed and an argentinian – we headed out to the bars to have some fun! We ended up at a Kareoke bar… I know – last place either of us expected to be! But we made sure to give them a fantastic rendition of La Bamba!

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