Goodbye Berlin!


It was very hard to say goodbye to Berlin! But alas, our travels
called us elsewhere. There are a few things that really surprised me
about Berlin, but what will stay with me forever is the history of the
city. Having read about most of the events in the history books, it
was amazing to actually stand in front of the buildings, and
specifically – the wall.


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We have spent three nights in Berlin now, and it has been quite an
adventure! We first got in at around 1am on Saturday night / Sunday
morning and we hit the bars straight away. Everything has its own
style here in Berlin – its incredible! We felt totally out of place,
not to mention the fact that the area we went to was not touristy at
all! Which was good for the experience, bad for ordering beer. The
first beers that we ordered ended up being a mix of beer and sprite –
oops! Outside of the communication problems – we had a blast!


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While hearing the low baritone of the exhaust of an A/C Cobra, lackadaisically passing you at 200kph on the Autostrada in Germany, you begin to realize that you are entering another world. Soon more exotic cars come into focus as you realize that all are there for the same purpose – to take a lap on the Nurburgring.

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Luxembourg and 3 laps of the Nurburgring

Yesterday was quite an eventful day! After finding a hotel in
Luxembourg the night before we spent some time wandering through the
city. Much of the center of the town is pedestrian only, so the
streets are filled with tourists and locals! There was a band playing
live music in the main square and every bar/restaurant had tables
facing the square. We found a hip bar/restaurant “Le Entrance” to have
dinner. Afterwards we strolled for a bit longer in search of a bar
that suited our mood for the night. None of them seemed to be what we
were looking for, so we decided to drive back to the hotel and hit one
of the local bars there…

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