The treadbike and other strange bicycle creations!


Umm… saw this on Engadget a few days ago and got a good laugh. But it wasn’t until my co-worker showed me the Video that I was rolling on the floor. Paying homage to Napoleon Dynamite!

There are quite a few other bicycle oddities on the website:

The Couch Bike
The Hula Bike

I’m still trying to remember the name of the 8 person bicycle with a keg in the middle that I saw in Amsterdam! I’ve got a picture somwhere in the archives!

Mark – time to start dreaming up other bizarre bicycle creations!

2 thoughts on “The treadbike and other strange bicycle creations!”

  1. I know that Hammacher Schlemmer (sp?) sells an 8-person bike where they all sit in a circle – wouldn’t be a tough hack to get a keg in the middle, I’d think.

    New tourism idea for Vegas, if it weren’t so damn hot. Maybe New Orleans?

    “Show me your… bike!”

  2. Hi Pablo, how are you? brazilian girl in Prague.
    Do you remember me?
    🙂 Can you send me your email? Because I don’t understand your letter in my book.

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