Immigrant Justice Vigil – Batavia, IL

Vigil March

After getting my arse in gear and setting my GPS to Batavia I was on my way. I really didn’t know what to expect from this event. It was organized by the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights and Katty, as part of her new job, had arranged for the media to show up. Upon arrival, I was surprised to see just a group of about 40 people gathered around. As I was getting my bearings (mind you, I still wasn’t feeling 100%) I realized that I was in the Minuteman group who were making their stand against the immigrants. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Minuteman – I will refer you to their “about us” webpage as well as this incredible radio spot that I heard on NPR. (real-audio only, sorry!) They were against this:

Join hundreds of youth and students, along with religious and community leaders as we call on our Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert to support Immigration Reform and the DREAM Act (would allow the children of undocumented immigrants – brought to this country by their parents and by no fault of their own – a chance to attend college).

The idea was that each student carry a cross representing one of the 463 immigrants who died crossing the border in 2005. They were to lay the crosses at Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert’s office in Batavia. All while chanting “We are Americans, Diplomas not Deaths”. It was more moving that I could have possibly imagined.

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Long weekend

View from the balcony of the condo my parents are looking at
vid of balcony view

The weekend started in recovery mode as both Katty and I had pretty bad colds. We ended up bailing on a party on Friday night to take it easy. Not so exciting, but we both needed it. Saturday I spent the morning assisting my grandparents with their computer/home/stereo needs. They will be moving soon and they asked if I could help with a few things. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a computer infected with so much spyware! I downloaded Spybot Search & Destroy (my anti-spyware software of choice) and did what I could for them…

Saturday night seemed as though it was going to be pretty low-key as well. Since it didn’t seem much was going on, Katty and I decided to head to the Poitin Stil on Jarvis just a block away from Katty’s place. We have passed it many a time on our way to the train station, but had never gone in. We were both plesantly surprised! Good atmosphere, live music, and cheap beer! Soon after Pepe and his brother Eduardo joined us. After switching over to whiskey (would regret it later), I escorted Katty home and then headed out with the spaniards. Ended up meeting Kathleen and Erin at Nick’s Uptown. More whiskey was had – late night phone calls were made (sorry Mel, Mike and Keri!) and we closed the place. 5am and I finally get to sleep… uggh. Felt. Like. Crap. the next day. But I forced myself into the car and on to Batavia…

Chicago to offer citiwide Wi-fi?!

Saw this article over at Way to go Chicago!

The nationwide rush to go wireless appears poised to extend to its biggest city yet. Chicago is launching an effort to offer wireless broadband, city officials said Friday, jumping on the Wi-Fi bandwagon as similar initiatives proceed in Philadelphia, San Francisco and smaller cities.

Awesome. Now if they can just get it done before I move within the city limits!

Tiny sausage party

Tiny Sausage
click on image for album

It was that time of year again… thats right! Time for the 4th annual Tiny Sausage party! While Kathleen did fill us all in on the history of the Tiny Sausage party… it has since been forgotten. I’ll let her fill in the blanks in the comments if she wishes! This year was exceptional, not only because of the -12F weather that night, but because of the raffle! Not only did the wiener recieve a beef stick they also won the $110 pot! Wohoo!

For all of those who missed out – sorry you couldn’t have been there!

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Speaking of cold…

In line with BJ’s post this morning about the cold weather… I got up this morning, went to my car to find this:


After the monsoon of rain yesterday, the ice pellets (the weather actually predicted “Ice Pellets 100% chance”), then the freeze overnight, the water that had flooded the street had encased my tires in ICE! The lock on my door was also frozen… luckily it would try to unlock all of the doors. The rear driver’s-side door would unlock, so I had to get in the car through the back. Fantastic. With the current temps hovering around 24F / -5C and tomorrow looking worse (13F / -11C)… I think I’m just going to stay in tonight and try to get over this chest cold

Hey, all you people in better shape than myself – is it a bad idea to work out when you are feeling sick? I mean, I can function at work etc… I just have a bad cough and conjestion. I don’t want to make it worse, nor do I want to get everybody at Bally’s sick either. Good idea or bad idea??
Paging Dr. Fitz!

Winter Olympics – Top Gear style

right-click on image and “save link as” to download

Top Gear Has to be one of my all time favorite shows! Unfortunately, the only episodes that come through to the US are watered down remakes of the UK version on the Discovery Channel. Though there is a US version in the works – it will never match up to the original. I have uploaded the the most recent show to Digitalnetopia server for your viewing pleasure!

This show has some of the best camera work I have ever seen on TV. The music they use is top notch (love that they use Orbital). Some of the stuff they do is totally insane! Believe me when I tell you its worth the 300mb download! You will need the DivX Codec to play this video – trust me, its worth it!

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IamPablo brrreeeport ing for Scobleizer’s social experiment

In my never ending quest to figure out the nuts and bolt of the Blogosphere I have decided to join in a social experiment that Scobleizer has presented to us. He made up a word and asked us all to post it in our blogs to see how quickly it would permeate through the search engines. It is also an interesting way to check to see how each search engine handles the new data. It is already one of the top searches on Technorati! I decided to throw my blog at it to see how it fits into the grand scheme of things!

Happy St. Gregory II day!

Click on the picture for the album.

No, I don’t usually make it a habit to celebrate a Saint’s feast day… but we decided to use it as an excuse to have a surprise 30th birthday party for Greg! The first attempt was a failure due to Greg throwing a wrench in the works, but I think it made this one that much more unexpected! We all piled into my car on Saturday morning and headed out to Chambana, we arrived about 10 minutes before Greg! phew We ended up having a great time bowling with family and friends… then headed out to Kamakura for dinner – and even went out for a few drinks (ok, one drink) afterwards! We all had a blast – and best of all, Greg had no idea!

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