Long weekend

View from the balcony of the condo my parents are looking at
vid of balcony view

The weekend started in recovery mode as both Katty and I had pretty bad colds. We ended up bailing on a party on Friday night to take it easy. Not so exciting, but we both needed it. Saturday I spent the morning assisting my grandparents with their computer/home/stereo needs. They will be moving soon and they asked if I could help with a few things. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a computer infected with so much spyware! I downloaded Spybot Search & Destroy (my anti-spyware software of choice) and did what I could for them…

Saturday night seemed as though it was going to be pretty low-key as well. Since it didn’t seem much was going on, Katty and I decided to head to the Poitin Stil on Jarvis just a block away from Katty’s place. We have passed it many a time on our way to the train station, but had never gone in. We were both plesantly surprised! Good atmosphere, live music, and cheap beer! Soon after Pepe and his brother Eduardo joined us. After switching over to whiskey (would regret it later), I escorted Katty home and then headed out with the spaniards. Ended up meeting Kathleen and Erin at Nick’s Uptown. More whiskey was had – late night phone calls were made (sorry Mel, Mike and Keri!) and we closed the place. 5am and I finally get to sleep… uggh. Felt. Like. Crap. the next day. But I forced myself into the car and on to Batavia…

2 thoughts on “Long weekend”

  1. I love how in one paragraph you talk about staying in because you’re sick, and the next you’re out until 5am boozing. That’s what I call self-control! 🙂

    As for the spyware: sounds like my p’s old PC. But history has taught me that running Spybot alone won’t do the trick. Run Spybot, then AdAware. Then boot into safe mode and do the same again. LOTS more is found in safe mode (the crap doesn’t have a chance to hide that way).

  2. Oh, I forgot the most important part:

    Then, install Firefox and set it as the primary browser. Give it the IE icon, and hide/remove the IE icon on the desktop

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