V for Vendetta

Katty and I went to see V for Vendetta last night at the IMAX with our friends Ben and Corie last night. Ben had e-mailed me in November about going to see it, but the movie was delayed – the filmmakers deny that the delay had anything to do with the actual London bombings. I didn’t really know what to expect, besides the fact that it was a Wachowski brothers film – I half expected some new Matrix like effects, nothing really new there. Though my expectations weren’t met as far as new effects, the movie was fantastic! Natalie was incredible as Evey! I really enjoyed it… way more than I thought I would! That being said, I think that my recent exposure to marches and protests made the “power to the people” message even more relevant. Will definitely see it again!

As an aside – shouldn’t an “IMAX” movie fill the whole screen? I could have sworn that when I saw The Matrix: Revolutions at the IMAX – it filled the whole screen top to bottom. V for Vendetta seemed more like a 16:9 than 4:3 aspect ratio. That being said, the picture was crystal clear and the sound was incredible!

We had a blast with Ben and Corie and ended up at the Cheesecake Factory (which we can’t seem to avoid) afterwards discussing the future of their website ForcesOfEvil.net among many other things. Maybe linking them will motivate them to update?!

Update:Found this little tidbit on IMAX DMR:

IMAX DMR™ is a process by which a conventional 35mm cinema film is digitally re-mastered into IMAX’s larger-than-life format (15/70mm size and resolution).
Each individual 35mm frame is converted to high res digital format; the IMAX DMR™ software then removes the 35mm grain structure and creates an enhanced IMAX version with incredible visual clarity. Once the process is complete, V for Vendetta: The IMAX Experience film format will be 10 times larger than its original!
Please note: the dimensions of the original 35mm movie remain and so the DMR film does not completely fill the entire IMAX screen.

More info on IMAX DMR

2 thoughts on “V for Vendetta”

  1. A comparison to “Matrix: Revolutions”! Ha! Did you take a flask to “V for Vendetta”? Oops, that was mine, wasn’t it?

  2. Yes, Andy, you are correct. I guess I should add to the fact that we may have had a bit to drink before seeing revolutions at the IMAX in Dearborn. Maybe thats why I don’t remember if it filled the whole screen!

    I also got carded for trying to buy tickets to that show! Sheesh…

    As for bringing a flask to V? Nahh.. I like to preserve my “getting wasted in line at the IMAX” memory just the way it is…

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