Madrid in 48 hours!

Royal Palace in Madrid

We have just returned to Bilbao from our whirlwind tour of Madrid with Pepe and his brother Eduardo! We had a fantastic time with Pepe and his friends! The first night we went to a bar that seemed to only play 80s rock and had burgers and fries – it felt like we had gone back in time! The following day we spent walking around the entire city. Pepe was a fantastic guide! That night his father invited us out for dinner, incredible meal! Best lamb I think I have ever had! After going to another bar and watching Teresa take a few turns on stage with a guitar (and her own music!) we didn’t know what to expect next! As luck would have it I checked my e-mail this morning and I have been invited for a third interview on Friday!
…and I was hoping to be able to come home and relax after this trip!


5 thoughts on “Madrid in 48 hours!”

  1. Eduardo? that reminds me…its all you can eat Gelati day(21st April)I practice my Spanish speaking on him too. poor man. he gets a laugh out of it though.

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