Spring is in the air


After little sleep and a LONG flight home, we have finally arrived. Sweet home Chicago – and what a day we have arrived too! Not a cloud in the sky and 75F. Perfect weather! Too bad I’m too exhausted to really enjoy it – but at least its something. Even better, everything is starting to bloom! The scent of flowers was lingering in the air as we arrived home…

I’m not sure if this happens to everybody, but when coming home after a long trip the scent of our home is quite apparent to me. For whatever reason, its the only time I really notice it. It also happens when I visit other people’s homes that I have not been to in a very long while. I have a theory that it has to be a place that has been long ingrained into one’s scent memory to really trigger strong sentiments. Perhaps it even has to be associated with childhood, I’m not quit sure. But when going to Spain and visiting my aunts, uncles and cousins, I am immediately greeted with the familiar scent upon stepping into their homes. My cousin Elena heightened this sensation by putting drops of cologne on our pillows. I can’t tell you how soundly I slept that night! Its quite amazing to me the manner in which scents can trigger the inner workings of one’s mind.

That being said – it feels great to be home, with the windows open, a gentle breeze bringing in the fresh spring air, with the birds singing in the distance…

Spring is in the air

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