To Hell and back – in a Ford GT

A sign that you are in Hell

HELL, Michigan (AP) — They’re planning a hot time in Hell on Tuesday. The day bears the date of 6-6-06, or abbreviated as 666 — a number that carries hellish significance. And there’s not a snowball’s chance in Hell that the day will go unnoticed in the unincorporated hamlet 60 miles west of Detroit.

This was the story I found on CNN recently. How many people can say they have been to Hell and back? What better vehicle to do it in than a Ford GT

One day at work, I was given the keys to a Ford GT prototype and told to put on “a few hundred miles” in one day. I didn’t hesitate at the chance. But I did have to give some thought to where I would take the beast to accumulate said mileage. I could take a couple loops of the local highways, but that didn’t sound like much fun… when suddenly the little devil on my shoulder told me I should take her to Hell. I had heard that such a place existed – and I had a a map… it was time to take a little excursion to Hell.

Lost GT

The directions I had were not very accurate. At one point I was cruising along at a pretty good clip, when I saw some dust up ahead of me. Before I could figure out what was going on, the road had turned into gravel underneath me! It was a harrowing moment until I got the car down to the requisite speed for such a road. As I approached the intersection I decided to step out and take a quick picture (above). When I was returning to the car, a man in a tractor was rounding the corner. I don’t know who was more surprised! In hindsight, I should have taken a picture of the GT next to the tractor. I meekly asked him if the gravel continued for much longer – and his only response was a nod of his head as he drove on by. I got back into the GT and gingerly drove her back to solid ground. I eventually found a gas station and was pointed in the right direction.

Entering Hell

Hell is much smaller than I expected it to be. In fact, its really only a few buildings along the main road. The history is well documented, but being there was an experience in and of itself.

In Hell

If I recall, it was hot as… well, it was hot that day. The black fiberglass shell and black interior with A/C that hardly worked didn’t help that much. So it was nice to be able to get out of the car and stretch my legs a bit. I snapped a few pictures and debated if I wanted to go into the store to get a drink. I decided that I shouldn’t leave the GT by itself as it was already getting plenty of attention from those passing by. It was time for me to get the Hell out of there!

Pic 666

The return home was uneventful, but I got a big kick out of telling everybody where I had been. It is a story that has been tucked far into the back of my mind, until seeing the CNN article. Quite possibly the craziest coincidence about this little adventure is that the last picture I took in hell was IMG_0666.jpg (the above pic)!! I hadn’t noticed until I went looking for the pictures today! Strange coincidence, indeed!


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  1. Pablo that’s so funny. What a great story. Maybe you should send it in to a magazine, like Road and Track or something.
    The short time I was able to spend at the YTC fundraiser was awesome. Hope all went great during the entire evening.

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