June is almost over?!

June, how could you go by so quickly!? I didn’t even feel like I got to know you in the short time we had spent together! So much has happened, and now you plan on leaving just like that?! As a parting gift I shall pay tribute to the times that we spent together… I hope that I get along with July just as well!

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On the first of June I welcomed my new neighbors who have since gone their own way. Hopefully it wasn’t Xena that scared them off…

Thanks to Amy (thanks again Amy!), Pepe was able to enjoy his first ever baseball game in the US! With the company of Juliette, Susy and myself, of course! It was a fairly exciting game given their current performance.

We even had a visit from the western suburbs when the Hans family came to visit this past weekend! Had a blast “reacquainting” myself with their kids, running around Millennium park, enjoying the gorgeous day! Katty and I were even able to catch the Drepung Loseling Tibetan Monks perform along side the Grant Park symphony orchestra! An absolutely incredible concert! (Mel and Mike – you should have stayed!)

On Sunday we had the pleasure of seeing the Chicago Fire win(2-0) their inaugural game at Toyota Park! Thanks to Cap for the hookup! What a blast!

Almost forgot the promised pic of the HDTV projector setup!

All in all, a fantastic and packed month! Can’t wait to see what July holds!
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6 thoughts on “June is almost over?!”

  1. Nice Pablo! Include the one picture of my kid hanging out in his boxers. And I am working so hard to teach them modesty…. 🙂

  2. Hehe…. yea, thought about that after I posted the pic! I can take it down if you like!

    If it makes you feel any better, it looks like I peed my pants!

    I’m also VERY confused – as the pics didn’t show up the other day, now they are back again – can everybody see the pics above?

  3. You don’t need to take it down, I was just harassing you.

    If you click on the “click here to see full album” link you can see the pictures, otherwise its just those pretty red “x”

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