Room with a view

Its probably been a few weeks now since I took these pictures. My cousin Miguel requested a picture of the view from my office – so I figured I’d post them here!


Ok – so that isn’t the view from my window – but from one of the conference rooms! My window’s view isn’t quite as spectacular.


But its got big windows and plenty of light. Better yet, a door I can close and lock! Things are going quite well at the new job and I can’t believe that almost 2 months have already passed! Its great to be so close to the city. In fact, we went to lunch just the other day at the Taste of Chicago! I’m really looking forward to living closer so that I can bike to work everyday – actually spoke to the landlord today, and the most recent ETA for moving in is the end of next week!

(Click on the link below for more pictures)

A series of reflections

Our building

Cloud Gate

The sunset

6 thoughts on “Room with a view”

  1. I agree–having an office with a window is incredibly cool. However, now I’m so nervous about seeing my own patients tomorrow I’m having a cocktail while Mark peacefully is going off to sleep. I’m glad to hear your job is going well!

  2. I almost got really jealous of your view. But then I looked out my window. One thing’s for sure, though – it’ll sure be fun to come visit Chicago after living in Colorado for a while (not that I want to leave, but you know what I mean).

    And Dana *was* flipping out last night. Lucky for me I was oblivious until I went to bed. But then she was freaking out this morning too. So I made her breakfast and packed her lunch for her. No doubt, after she’s seen her first patient (oh, probably happening right now) she’ll calm down a little. But today was her first day seeing patients, so it’s totally understandable.

  3. Dana, you are going to do great! No worries – just a slight case of the first time jitters! 🙂 You will get in a groove in no time!

    BJ – if you have 5 computers I’m sure you have plenty of windows at your desk!

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