Carmina Burana

Carmina Burana performed by the Grant Park Orchestra on Wednesday

We are off to Millennium Park once again tonight! Hopefully the sky holds up as they did for us on Wednesday! Things have been crazy this week, as seems to be happening on a regular basis now! The race weekend was a blast! I have posted some pictures for those that are interested in seeing them. Watching 40 year old cars wring it out at ~170mph was quite a sight! I’ll see if I can fill in some more information about the cars that I have pictured in the future. Maybe Andy, the SpeedGeek will show us what he knows!

I also got a new toy recently! Wintec WBT-100 4-in-1 GPS… sounds exciting doesn’t it? Well, it actually logs GPS data as well as sending it out to my PDA – so I can track things such as my CTA ride to work this morning!

While looking at the overlay on Google Earth I noticed that they have updated pictures of Chicago! Here is a shot of where I’m headed now!

Those with a keen eye will notice my GPS tracking wasn’t very accurate! Hopefully it won’t be big deal with Jane!)

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