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report card
I decided to try and wrangle up the guys for a conference call to wish Fitz a happy birthday. As you can imagine, hilarity ensued! I decided to document the effort in the form of a report card. Each person was graded* on the following criteria:

Effort, Technical Knowledge, and “Other”

The highlights were: Steve’s phone greeting (sounded like a Vespa owner), Mikey pretending to be Mark and saying “Hello?” after every other ring, and Bally yelling in the background… hopefully Mark got a kick out of the messages we left!

Bally = B+

  • B for Effort – hey, its tough pulling yourself away from the cabin to participate in such nonsense!
  • A for Tech – he knows exactly how to “work” Fasana
  • A for Other – he did a fantastic job of heckling the rest of us while on speakerphone (while sitting on the couch with a beer, I’m sure!)

Dave = C+

  • F for Effort – this grade is for IBM making him work 3rd shift on Mark’s birthday – what were they thinking?!
  • A for Tech – although this is unconfirmed, my guess is Dave has a better handle than the rest of these guys on how to make a conference call
  • B for Other – for being there in spirit

Fasana = A-

  • A for Effort – though he didn’t get my e-mail, he was at the right place at the right time and was always the first to call me back when everybody would inevitably get dropped
  • B+ for Tech – though he didn’t know how to conference with his cell phone, the speakerphone more than made up for it!
  • A for Other – considering that he rarely picks up when I call (ok, so its usually 12am when I call and not 12pm) he took the call while at the cabin!

Hutch = C+

  • A for Effort – he responded to e-mails and made sure to let me know when he was going to be in the office
  • F for Tech – he had no idea how to make a conference call, even with hours of time to prep for it!
  • B for Other – for not going all BNT on us!

Mark = C+

  • D for Effort – come on man, we called every single one of your phones!
  • C+ for Tech – though he has all the tech he could possibly need to get a phone call, he somehow missed all 3 calls!
  • A for Other – ok, so it was his birthday after all!

Mikey = A

  • A for Effort = even though he never got any of the e-mails, he was still ready and willing!
  • A for Tech = finally, somebody who knew how to make a friggin conference call!
  • A for Other = for keeping us all amused – anything involving 6 guys at once, Mikey always comes out on top! errr..

Steve = C-

  • C+ for Effort = he responded to the e-mails, picked up his phone but then suddenly disappeared
  • C for Tech = he was able to conference Mikey in, though they work in the same building..
  • D for Other = though his manner of answering the phone gave us all a good chuckle, when push came to shove, he bailed

T.K. = B-

  • B+ for Effort = he was ready and waiting, and even though I’m sure it annoyed the hell out of him, he hung around during all 3 attempts
  • D for Tech = he’s got a brand new cell phone with all the bells and whistles, and he can’t make a conference call?!
  • A for Other = it just wouldn’t have been the same without TK telling everybody to be quiet and then promptly cracking up

Happy (now belated) Birthday Mark!

*grade calculator

6 thoughts on “Conference call Report Card”

  1. That sucks that I get an f for sleeping and not even being aware of the whole thing. Yes I know how to make a conference call. Also why didn’t once person just conference everyone in? It would have made life easier.

  2. The F was for IBM and not for you! 🙂

    The most I could conference on our phone system was 5 people – how else do you think we ended up with as many as we did?

  3. I didn’t even know that it was Fitz’s birthday! Happy Birthday Fitz. Admittedly, I wouldn’t know my own birthday if it wasn’t on a holiday.

    My phone at work can conference as many as I want. Should have looked to TOYOTA PARK Pablo!

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