Kegfast multi-output tap

What do you say guys? First purchase for the apartment?!

Only $59.99 for the dually at Kegfast!

How does it work?
Thanks to the patented innovations developed by KegFast Industries our taps allow for the distribution of beverages through a multiple output manifold scientifically developed to dispense beverage with absolutely no excessive foaming or loss of pressure.

2 thoughts on “Kegfast multi-output tap”

  1. The huka(6 spout) is only 10 bucks more. I would go for that one. Also who know there were that many types of connectors for kegs.

  2. But if you all do keg stands at once, who’s going to hold you up?

    Now you need some kind of support so you can all do headstands while drinking from this thing.

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