First supper


Finally! Stayed at the apartment for the first time Saturday night after the 80s party – but the bathroom was still not complete, thankfully TK and Dave were gracious enough to let us use theirs until ours was complete! They finally completed (mostly) the bathroom, and we were able to use it this morning! The kitchen is still a bit of a mess as the drains aren’t hooked up and so we don’t yet have running water in the kitchen. At least he hooked up the oven for us so that I could cook the first meal! Granted, I had to go to the bathroom to fill the pot – and then drain the ravioli in the toilet. Not exactly the classiest of ways to start – but at least we are in! I’ll write more when its not midnight and I’m not totally exhausted…

Thanks to Greg, Mila, Katty, Mom, Aita, Bill, Worm, Dave and TK for the help moving! More thanks to everybody who donated stuff to the apartment! Gretchen practically gave us an entire kitchen set! Thanks again!

6 thoughts on “First supper”

  1. I thought that we were going to add our coffee table to the collection, but from the looks of your living room, you would have to get rid of the couch for it to fit.

    This works out, though, since we haven’t found one to replace it yet.

  2. Yea, the TV needs to move back a few inches… but there isn’t much room for a big coffee table. D’OH!

    As for high-speed? Already pulled a wire from
    TK and Dave’s and are sharing their connection. Setting up a gigabit network at our place as we speak! Already upgraded my machine to AMD64, moving old parts to the media machine/server. Fun stuff!

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