Dave knows better?

This was prompted by an e-mail that Katty had sent me the other day. Anybody who suggests that I shouldn’t drink Red Bull should expect a deluge of information!

Good god – maybe Dave was ahead of us all of this time?!

From BBC NewsThe Ultimate hangover cure?:

According to our study findings, it is possible that adding taurine to alcohol during drinking could help to minimise liver damage and ward off a hangover, although we need to carry out further studies to confirm the effect in humans…

…The hope is that taurine might eventually be used to treat alcohol-related problems…

…Taurine would be the first treatment of its kind, if proven to be effective in humans. In fact, the trial on obese children found taurine to be effective in treating fatty liver irrespective of whether the children lost weight…

…The results are encouraging for those keen to minimise the harm the festive season inflicts. And when it comes to damage limitation, perhaps a taurine-rich energy drink might be just the thing with which to toast the New Year…

I had no idea that Red Bull was banned in France!! Beau and Wourms – maybe that’s why we paid $18 per RedBull Vodka at Macumba!

2 thoughts on “Dave knows better?”

  1. I’ve heard that Red Bull is banned in France so I’m not sure how we were able to order it at Macumba (which is in France). It is available in Switzerland however.

    And if you think $18 is steep for a Red Bull vodka, I paid $20 for a ‘normal’ rum and coke last night at a club, and that was after the $12 cover charge!

  2. Adding to the European data points, in Germany this summer I found out that many Germans (based on the population sample I hung out with – 20 something consultants) order Red Bulls with a red vodka. This makes your RBAV actually red, and not that Ghostbusters green.

    I didn’t have any, though. The beer was very good and I don’t like the taste of Red Bull.

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