Welcome home?

  • Alarm sounds at 3:30am Chicago time.
  • Cab shows up 1/2 hour later, with the meter already running as he waited for us to come downstairs – nice.
  • Went through some strange GE explosives detector (I wonder what would happen if somebody were to pass gas while it detects… BJ?? Mark?? Bueller?)
  • Waited in the airport for an eternity.
  • CNN’s  “omni-racial news anchoress” was blasting on every TV.
    (with the prerequisite HEG – Hawaii Earthquake Graphic)

  • While my eyes finally shut during the flight I wondered – they still fly planes with CRT TVs?!
  • Oh, and no meal or snack on the ~3 hour flight to or from Miami – Thanks.
  • Landed almost half an hour late while realizing that we should have just carried on our bags.
  • Decided to take a cab to the city – $40 from O’Hare to downtown. Yikes.
  • Got to work at 11am
  • Full day at work.

Its good to be home back.

On a side note, in Checkers a Kinged piece can not move more than one square at a time unless he is jumping players. I knew something was fishy when I got my ass kicked!

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