In other news…

So I’ve been meaning to post about the Northwestern game over the weekend. I really had some hope as they were up 35 points after the half! But, in what is now known as the “all-time largest comeback in NCAA Division 1-A football”, I think I’ll stay away from that story.

I did, however, find this picture of Coblert wearing his alma mater’s colors as he was the Grand Marshall of Northwestern’s Homecoming Parade. Good stuff! (anybody got $25k+ laying around for his portrait?!)

The weekend consisted of apartment hunting for Katty mixed in with plenty of debauchery for TK’s birthday. Brunch on Sunday was a blast as well! I sent a picture from my phone of us all waiting around looking hung-over, but for some reason it never made it on the blog. *shrug* I have also finally started to settle in at the new (now 3 months old) apartment! Unpacked some of the last boxes, set up the trainer and my bike and even got a 30min ride in! Monday was quite productive! I’ll let you know how the rest of the week goes…

It also seems like I’ve gotta come up with a costume in short order and then not be too hung-over after the Saturday parties to help move Katty into her new place on Sunday! Its gonna be a long weekend!

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