As predicted

Our last minute costume

This weekend was totally insane. Outside of the fact that I spent most of the weekend helping Katty with her move, my uncle and aunt were in town, I sold the Jetta, and there were more than a few Halloween parties to go to! Let me begin with Friday morning…

We often park Katty’s car in the alley next to her building when bringing a bunch of stuff up or down the stairs. We always put the hazards on and we never leave it there for more than 15 min. Until Thursday night. It totally slipped both our minds. Friday morning we went out to get her car and go sign the lease – when we got outside we saw a familiar car sitting in the alley. I was convinced it was somebody else’s car as we would never have left it there! Luckily there was no ticket. But the leaving the Hazards on all night kills the battery. D’OH! As Katty called AAA I got out of the car and decided to ask the only guy walking down the street if he had a vehicle and jumper cables. He sighed and said… “yea, I do”. He totally came to our rescue! The situation was resolved in 5 minutes! Of course it just added to the stress factor already present!

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Saturday morning we got the keys to the new place and moved some stuff. We then headed out to brunch with my parents, aunts and grandparents. Afterwards I had to head to my parents to remove the stereo and all wiring from the Jetta as my Uncle Greg was to drive the car back up to Minnesota the following morning (sold it to my cousin). Of course, I forgot the title. When I got home I couldn’t even find the title! The last I had seen it was when the Jetta got towed hours before my flight to Mexico! I eventually found it and had to rush it back up to Evanston. At 7:30 we were finally free to get ready for Mike’s party (which started at 6:30) and we eventually got there at 8:30 (it was supposed to end at 9!). Everybody looked great! Our costumes were sort of thrown together at the last moment – and not everybody “got it”. But those who did enjoyed it – of course, I had to tout the fact that the pants, sash and scarf were all actually worn while running with the bulls 4 years ago! But I digress…

We ended up getting home at a fairly decent hour (2am – actually 1am after the time change) and failed at an attempt for an early start on Sunday. Luckily we had some help on Sunday and it made the move that much easier! Thanks Mel, Mike and Bill! As the Jetta is now gone the GTI is now my only car and needed some TLC. I contemplated washing the 2 months of dirt that it accumulated off myself – but decided that a full paid wash/vacuum was deserved. The car hasn’t looked that good in a LONG time! It feels great to be driving it! I spent an hour today getting the title and transferring the plates as well as getting a city and zone stickers ($100 later)! I fully expected my neighbors to be having a festive celebration when I was out and about with the GTI yesterday, but when I returned last night the spot was still empty! Figures! Now I’m on the quest for finding the right insurance for the car – considering the amount of work I’ve put into it this task is much easier said than done!

For now I’m totally exhausted, but happy to have gotten so much done over the weekend. Its fascinating how your life can go from “I’m not getting anything done and just watching TV” to everything happening in one weekend and you are left dizzy and trying to comprehend it all!

There must be a way to balance it all out! Any suggestions?

I didn’t even have a chance to give the Jetta a proper sendoff… *sniff*

4 thoughts on “As predicted”

  1. BTW: Botas WILL crack if left without liquid for too long! Luckily I didn’t have wine to put in the bota so I used water to make it look more “realistic” – about 3 minutes later I had water all over my back – lucky I didn’t do it with wine!

    Important saftey tip Mark and Brian!

  2. Hey, I’ve seen that costume before… Maybe about 3 years ago at The Old Miami in downtown Detroit… 🙂

    Nice work on the sale of the Jetta. Seems like just yesterday that we went to check it out… Or maybe not.

  3. Yea, I figured since I hadn’t brought it out in Chicago, it would be ok. Good times in the D!

    As for the Jetta – it was time! Remember when we put the Jetta’s old wheels on your Accord! HA!

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