Gmail mobile client

Google has just released a Java based Gmail client for mobile phones! This client is much more user friendly than the wap version and it even gives you access to your contact lists!

Some of the new features:

  • Up to five times faster access and use, thanks to automatic pre-fetching of messages
  • Drastically reduced clicks and scrolling to access email
  • Fewer keystrokes for reading, composing, or searching mail
  • Attachments, including files and photos, viewable and automatically resized to fit the user’s phone

I was just playing with it now, and even with poor reception (=slow internet) I was amazed at how well the program worked! The fact that you can view attachments is quite a bonus! With Google Maps Mobile and now GMail Mobile I must say I’m impressed with their mobile offerings!

Remember that even though the application is free, you are responsible for any data charges from your mobile carrier! (gotta love unlimited data plans!)

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