12 thoughts on “Subaru + snow tires =”

  1. Damn. I didn’t even see those cameras there. I don’t know how I missed them! 🙂

    Actually, as soon as D got home with the car (I drove the CR-V home), I took it for a spin in about three or four inches of unplowed snow. But with a mountain on one side of the car and a cliff on the other, I was pretty tame.

  2. Pablo, what a riot. I sent a copy to Steverino to cheer him up. He just got back a really bad report from his neurologist.

  3. A good reminder to not ever get into a car with Mark again. 😉
    Actually I have to say I felt a mixture of terror and admiration at his “control”… Ah what midwestern boys will do to pass the time.

  4. uh erm… no one. what? what are you talking about?

    Mark do you knwow hat he’s talking about? I don’t know what he’s talking about…

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