Katty’s live TV debut!

Katty’s first live studio interview on Telemundo Chicago the day after mid-term elections!

Another pre-taped interview on Univision

She will probably kill me for posting these but I just had to as I’m so proud of her for everything that she has done since she started at the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights – she did a fantastic job in both of these interviews and I couldn’t be more thrilled for her! Congratulations Katty!

As far as a transcript of said interviews – I think I’ll wait until Google Labs comes up with a live audio translation program!

8 thoughts on “Katty’s live TV debut!”

  1. Yes, I am going to kill you! Thanks Mark and Mila, and yes I was nervous, especially in the live one, but i sound like i knew what I was talking about, which I didn’t 🙂

  2. Oh I love it! Katty you’re incredible!
    I’d be so thrilled if someday I do anything similar!
    I’d hope for also doing it in spanish but, while my spanish is good, don’t quite have those pretty, official-sounding words down. 😉
    Congrats! It’s really amazing to see you like this!

  3. As I told you the other day, nothing less than a future anchorwoman!!!!!!!!!! Wow are we all proud… We knew you when, Katty! Makes it even more impressive

  4. ¡¡ Bravo !!
    Enhorabuena, Katty.
    Estás estupenda en tus entrevistas.
    Se te ve guapísima y muy profesional.
    Nos alegramos mucho de que se haya aclarado tu situación en EEUU.
    Un abrazo muy fuerte desde España.
    Elena y Borja

  5. Well done. I think the Univision guy was totally flirting with you. I am pretty sure I heard him say, “Ditch that Pablo guy and let’s go kayaking.” I could be wrong, my Spanish is a bit rusty.

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