Katty and I decided to do something different this weekend. After having spent most of the day Saturday watching football games – I was dying to get out of the house on Sunday! We decided that going to the theater would be the perfect outing. As it was already later in the day, we had to find something that was in the afternoon – and after some searching we settled on a play called “Transference” at the Mercury Theater – just around the corner from my apartment. I had read the first few lines of a review (my first mistake, I should have read the whole thing):

I arrived at the theater to purchase the tickets, and when the man behind the counter said “That’ll be $82” I was taken aback, but decided that it was something that we had decided to do – so what did it matter what it costs? Its theater! “Acting!” It must be entertaining!

After having seen the play, I can officially retract that statement. This play had to be one of the worst I have seen! It had this low-brow, stupid humor – it was just dumb. I didn’t feel enlightened or even happier upon leaving – I just couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that they can still sell tickets to the show! A family of three left the theater less than 10 minutes after the show started – at about the time the main character, a lawyer, got on all fours and starting barking and acting like a dog (plastic toy in mouth and all). I’m not sure what kept Katty and I in out seats – sadistic curiosity? hoping for a payoff at the end? wanting to get our money’s worth? We were to satiate none of these desires while watching “Transference” – we have now learned our lesson; do more homework when deciding on what show to see!

Just saw this review on the Sun Times – “But be advised: If you happen to be a Baby Boomer, this is the kind of stuff your parents used to like.”


3 thoughts on “Transference”

  1. Ouch.

    I am bummed we missed the local HS’s production of Diary of Anne Frank (which I have never seen, actually). I’ll have to be more on top of things next time.

    You could have bought like 8 crappy movies and given them to Dave. More net entertainment and ammo to make fun of Dave.

    Or you could support different starving artists and buy more copies of “Camp Utopia”. 🙂

  2. That’s what you get for forsaking t.v. for the devil that is live theater. Sorry that it was no good. I would go crazy if I dropped that much money on something I ended up disliking.

    This is why I don’t try new things.

  3. Woooaaahhh…. as a theater-artist I have to take a moment. 🙂

    You do have to do a lot of research for these things, but here’s a very important rule to remember: Price does NOT equal quality.

    It’s basically the same as film. Most of the time when they spend a lot of $ making a movie, it’s cause there’s no content, but at least there’s spectacle. It’s generally speaking the same thing with theater.

    There are of course important exceptions, as with theater companies with reputations for quality theater. Steppenwolfe, Goodman, etc usually stand for high quality. Or just ask Mom, she’s up on the chicago theater buzz as far as I can tell. 😉

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