So, I checked my most recent T-Mobile bill last night, and I almost had a heart-attack! $245!? I feared that T-Mobile had figured out the glitch that gave me unlimited internet access for $5 a month, and as you can see above – those fears have been confirmed. My original plan (over 4 years ago) was $5 a month for 1mb of downloads and each additional mb would be another $10. Well, almost 3 years ago they stopped counting the data and I suddenly had an unlimited plan! Everything has worked wonderfully since! Well, this day had to come some time. OUCH! Granted that unlimited access was $19.99 a month and is now $29.99 a month – so when it comes down to it – if I had been paying the $19.99 for 3 years I would have spent $719.64 (not to mention the free internet that I got in Spain and Mexico!). I have a suspicion that these charges may have something to do with a configuration change I made on my MDA a few weeks ago (in hopes of faster internet speeds). But I’m walking on thin ice when it comes to pushing the envelope with this plan. I have set my phone back to its original settings, but if they really did start counting data – then I don’t want to overdo it this month either… as of today, according to a T-Mobile rep, I’ve used 1mb. So tomorrow I’m going to call again to confirm that fact and then use exactly 800kb of data… then, its just a waiting game…

2 thoughts on “Ouch!”

  1. Crap – called T-Mobile again and it seems that I’ve already gone 3.7mb over my 1mb limit! Thats $37!!! ARRGH

    The promising part about this is that the last internet access that they have listed is on Dec 12th (when I first saw the bill and changed the setting back). I have used internet sparingly since then but they don’t have it on record. No internet for me until next year!

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