Chicago Immigration March in Pictures

Crowd estimated at 150,000 in Chicago -CNN

The first picture of the album shows the view from my office, the amount of people was staggering! Of course, getting down into the crowd was even more overwhelming! At the same time it was peaceful – families, friends, neighbors… American flags everywhere! As I walked back to my office, first up Congress then up Michigan – both streets closed off for the march – I realized how lucky I am to live in this city! These are interesting times!

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  1. Great Pictures!! I wish I could have gone with you, but I couldn’t take off work. I kept following the march online to see pictures and follow what’s going on, so I saw Daley’s speech and some interviews. We ARE lucky to live in Chicago – with so many people in support of this!!

  2. The only reason these “citizens” are carrying US flags is because they got so much bad publicity carrying Mexican flags during last years protest.

    If you support anarchy like this I feel there is no hope for you. Why should the US allow the poorest of the poor from a third world country stream into our country without any kind of screening or limits? Would Mexico allow 20 million of the poorest and least educated americans flood their country? Hell no!

    Either you are a pathetic guilty white liberal or you are a racist who only cares about someones color of their skin, not whether they will be a positive for our country.

  3. Anarchy? Did you even go to the event? I didn’t see anarchy, I saw people from different parts of the world coming together in hopes of peaceful reform. If you want to really experience Anarchy, go to Iraq!

    I am neither a “pathetic guilty liberal” nor a “racist”. I am a US citizen – son of an immigrant, one who entered this country legally. I am the brother-in-law of an immigrant, one who also entered legally and just passed her citizenship test. Many of my friends are immigrants, who entered as international students, and now have work visas. Every one of their stories is filled with frustration at the amount of time, the amount of paperwork, and the amount of money it cost them – yet EACH and EVERY one of them support immigration reform.

    Your elitism shows right through you with your “poorest and least educated” remarks. Do you realize that many of the most educated citizens of foreign countries come to the US to further their education? 565,039 international students came to the US in 2005 alone! Some overstay their visas to try to make a life for themselves here – they are neither poor nor uneducated.

    The others that come to this country do so and work with perseverance, dedication and a strong moral fabric. They do the jobs that our own citizens refuse to because it is “beneath” them or it doesn’t pay enough – and they do their jobs well.

    A University of Illinois study shows that 70% of the undocumented workers pay taxes – the dividends of Social Security they will never see. Undocumented immigrants add $5.45 billion annually to the gross regional product!

    Immigrants would not come here if there was no work for them – it is as much of the case now as it was when your ancestors first set foot on this soil. I challenge you to contact those that YOU voted for as a US citizen – and voice your frustration with organizations that hire undocumented workers. Its all to easy to search out blogs and post comments hiding behind anonymity. Unless you are Native American, you too are part of the immigrants that make up this great country!

    As for feeling no hope for me – I don’t need your hope. I was filled with hope yesterday seeing and participating in the largest peaceful call to Immigration Reform since last year!

  4. There were still people carrying flags of their home countries, because wanting to be a US citizen doesn’t mean you hate the country you came from. People are still proud of their heritage. How many times have you heard people say they are Italian, or German, or Irish, when they have never even visited those countries?

    And this isn’t about the poorest of the poor… there are people who are doing their best to make something of their lives, but given their situation, they don’t have much of a chance. For example, people who come from middle class families to be students in the US and after 5 years of living here and having a life in this country have to leave because they couldn’t get a visa. And what about those who are born here while their parents are on temporary visas? They are now Americans. They don’t know any other way of life. What if after ten years their parents visa runs out and the parents have to leave?

    And we’ve ALREADY allowed those 20 million people to flood our country, so isn’t it our responsibility to do something with them now? We let them in, we let them do the jobs that nobody else wanted to do, we let them pay taxes (yes, some of them do), pay tuition, pay for goods that helped our economy… and now we should just kick them out with no options? After sometimes 20 or 30 years? There are teenagers who came here when they were babies, and now it’s time for them to go to college. They have lived here for nearly their entire life, but without a social security number they can’t get any financial aid, which for most of them means they can’t go to college. Should they be deported to a country they have never lived in just because their parents brought them here as babies?

    There are a million other examples, and I don’t know what the solutions are to all these issues, and I don’t know where the government would draw the line. How can they evaluate 12 million people’s situation on an individual basis and make decisions on deportation? I moved to the US when I was 16, and have lived here (legally) since then. I know how long it takes to get visas, green cards, etc, and how much of a pain it is to go through this process. I KNOW INS isn’t able to evaluate 12 million people’s individual cases. So how is it fair that everyone gets deported? It’s not! Yes, there are those who are here illegally and who do absolutely no good for this country. But how do we distinguish?

    In my opinion, the government can’t do anything about the 12 million who are already here, and really, they shouldn’t. They should focus on how they will better screen people that are coming in IN THE FUTURE. And maybe they should focus on working with countries such as Mexico to help improve quality of life in Mexico so people wouldn’t feel that living an illegal life in the US is their only chance.

    Being liberal has nothing to do with guilt. It’s about fairness and wanting everyone to have equal chances in life.

  5. Hey Pablo, we don’t know each other and sorry if you think that i’m a bit too ” get to the point” But the guy is not even brave enough to give is real name! And i have only a few words for you Mack Whacko : You’ve been really lucky to habe been born in such a great country. Because a dumbass like you wouldn’t have survive in a third world country!
    Pffff i pity people like you that think they’re smart when god only blessed them with a location they were born.
    And yes i hope one day you’ll use you passport and go see the world DUMBASS and learn compassion!!!!

  6. I think you people are idealists of the highest order. Do you really think that the offspring of these 20 million illegals are going to be enrolling in college anytime soon? Look at the stats….the dropout rate for hispanics is the highest and is either 40% or higher. That means they will be either a drain on the social services or that they will be in prison. My local area has news stories every night about Hispanic gang violence or some big drug bust with the drugs coming South of the border and being brought up by illegals.

    Also there was a recent study by the Heritage Institute that found that low skilled workers (as are most “immigrants as you refer to them”) use $22,000 per year in taxpayer funded benefits above what they put in the system.

    And this is all good for the average american how?

  7. Yes, the offspring of those 20 million ARE trying to enroll in college, and they are not able to get financial aid! I have a fairly decent job, and I know I couldn’t pay for college without financial aid.
    And if there is no hope for a better education in the future, don’t you think it’s understandable that people drop out?

    Do you really think people come to this country and say ‘hey, I think I want to be a criminal’. People come here because they WANT to be here! They are proud to be here. They work hard for what they have, because they are not able to get any help from the government. You should have respect for people who come here with nothing and find a way to make a life for themselves – like I’m sure your ancestors did.
    They are not all criminals. And the ones that are criminals do so because they think they have a better life this way (which they obviously don’t in the long run). They make no money with real jobs, and as a last resort get involved in criminal activities.

    And the only reason there are drugs brought across the border by people willing to take the risk to smuggle them is because the people in the US are buying them! So who is to blame… people bringing them in, or people demanding and buying them? And you know damn well that the drug problem is NOT a racial or immigrant issue. Every country in the world with every cultural and racial background has drug issues.

    And out of curiosity… what is your local area?

  8. You dare to call me a “racist” and then follow up with a blanket statement that Hispanic children will “be a drain on the social services or that they will be in prison”?! Your bigotry disgusts me.

    Your racially charged “gang violence” claim is also without premise. I used to live in Detroit – ranked 2nd most dangerous city in the US – In my 3+ years living there, I don’t recall seeing a story of gang violence involving Hispanics. Try explaining that one to me!?

    I’m with Christine – where exactly do you live? Where does it rank in “dangerous cities in the US”?

    You call us idealists – yet you seem to think that without the undocumented immigrants there would be no violence or drugs!

    Wake up and OPEN YOUR EYES

  9. To further my point:

    Dangerous CityHispanic Population

    1. St. Louis, MO – 2% Hispanic
    2. Detroit, MI – 5% Hispanic
    3. Flint, MI – 3% Hispanic

    I guarantee that you will always find a stronger correlation with violence/drugs and poverty rather than race!

    Oh – and according to his IP address – he is posting from Portland, Oregon!!

  10. Illegal aliens comprise 27% of the prisoners in US Federal prisons. And of course Latino crime is not much of an issue where the population is only 5%. And illegals from Mexico comprise 70% of all illegals in the country.

    Here is a great story from the LA Weekly about a small town in the LA area that has effectively been turned over to illegal aliens from Mexico. Is this what you want for the rest of the US? Pure anarchy!

  11. I don’t know what else we can say to you to convince you that maybe you should at least consider our opinions. We are speaking from first hand experiences! And from experiences of people we are close to.

    And the town of Cudahy is hardly a representation of the entire country, and if you think it is, maybe you should move elsewhere. It only has a population of 24,000. Yes, 94% of them are hispanic, and about a quarter of them are illegal, but that doesn’t mean that this is the case in all of the US. If you are a law obiding, honest citizen, would you want to move to Cudahy? Probably not! And it sounds like Cudahy is having some serious leadership issues!!

    Crime is not a hispanic issue!! Plenty of countries are made up of only hispanic people, and they are able to function just fine. And plenty of countries have huge crime rates, and they have very few hispanics. Crime is (among other things) an issue of leadership, of education, of what people want and have and feel they deserve, and it is NOT an issue that is determined by race alone.

  12. Mr. Wack,
    You should be more careful about the statistics you throw around. The statistic you are referring to is a GAO study that 27% of prisoners held in FEDERAL prisons are ALIENS (non-citizens). So *not* illegal aliens, and the federal prisons hold only a portion of prisoners. In fact only 7% of
    prisoners overall are non-citizens. The most recent report (2005) by the DOJ shows that only 1.2% of prisoners are held by the ICE.

    I’m sorry I don’t find your story of one suburb of LA compelling, certainly not something to base our immigration policy on.

    Get your facts right:

  13. Of course, you ignore the evidence provided to you and spew out more numbers that you seemingly got out of nowhere! Where does it say that 27% of us Federal Prisoners are “illegal aliens”?!

    Hispanic does NOT equal “illegal”!

    The following info can be found at the US DOJ Webpage:

    “Based on current rates of first incarceration, an estimated 32% of black males will enter State or Federal prison during their lifetime, compared to 17% of Hispanic males and 5.9% of white males.”

    (17% is ALL Hispanics, not specifically undocumented)

    Dare you spew the same racially charged statements about African-Americans?! After all they are almost 200% more likely to go to prison than the Hispanics! See how far you get. Oh, I forgot, you live in Portland where 78% of the population is white! Your racial slurs are safe there!

    In addition to what Christine said – those 24,000 people live in a 1.1 mile area! That’s a higher population density than New York City!

    Then consider this:
    “The per capita income for Cudahy was $8,688. About 26.4% of families and 28.3% of the population were below the poverty line, including 34.1% of those under age 18 and 18.1% of those age 65 or over.”

    But you are right about one thing – the rest of the US is not about to reach 20,000 people per square mile, with a per capita income of $8,688.

  14. What you all are failing to do is to prove how letting 20 million plus people that are currently in this country illegally become citizens is somehow good for the rest of the country? And don’t forget that once they become citizens, god forbid, that they can request that family members be allowed under family unification. I have seen some estimates that this will amount to close to 100 million new, relatively unskilled and poor, US citizens.

    Just because you might feel sorry for their plight does not make it good policy for everyone else who was either born here or immigrated legally. Most of the illegal Latino protestors in these “immigration” marches are very proud of their home countries. I would be more than happy for them to go home to their beloved homelands. A win-win situation for everybody involved the way I see it.

  15. I haven’t done any research but its sounds kind of pointless to be keeping Illegal Aliens in Federal prisons. Wouldn’t they just deport them?

    Otherwise I have nothing intelligent to say except that I wish I still worked downtown to see this.

  16. And you are failing to make a point how the US will benefit from kicking those people out! How do you think it will help the US to deport all those people? And how do you think the US is going to achieve this task?

    Dave – I agree that the illegal immigrants that are in federal prison should be deported and not be granted the right to citizenship.

    But the ones who are obeying the laws and paying their taxes should be given the option to stay.

  17. You can’t be ignorant and assume that “illegal immigrants” means Mexican. I don’t have any facts or numbers, but other people would agree that there are more than just Mexican’s in this country that are illegal.

    I have one quick question, if this country didn’t have all the “illegal immigrants” who would be doing all the shitty work and get paid minimum wage? Will you find a “white person” washing dishes, or framing a house for $5 an hour? Come on people, we all know that the poor “illegals” get taken advantage of. Not because they don’t know any better, but because compared to their native country they feel blessed to be in this country.

    Hey Mack Wack why don’t you open your eyes and realize that it is now 2007. I don’t know you and really don’t care what your opinion is, but lets be realistic this country was built by immigrants, why stop now?

  18. I love stats. You can read whatever you want into them. Numbers are inrefutable, but stats are interpreted numbers…big difference. I am a well off white boy that really has no opinion to speak of. I just hate it when stats are thrown out and automatically assumed to hold true for the future.

    I do not like the fact that many people stay in this country illegally and in a perfect world we would not have to deal with this issue and we could remain focused on social problems of greater importance (poverty, homelessness, hunger). That being said, the U.S. offers opportunities that do not exists in their homelands, so they would be doing themselves a disservice by not trying to better their family’s position in life. If I had no avenue to better my family’s life other than cross a border illegally…I’d do it in a heartbeat.

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