Mexico revisited

Last week was quite a busy week for me! The Mexican students that hosted us in August made their visit to the City of Chicago last week. As part of the interchange, families at Morton East High in Chicago host students that have been selected to participate – and they come by bus! 40 hours on the road, wow. I had very much been looking forward to the visit as our trip to Mexico was an incredibly meaningful experience for me. But, as usual, work and daily life got in the way. I would rush to meet with them after 5pm only to spend a few hours with them before they returned to their host families. I felt like a complete outsider. There wasn’t much I could do as I wasn’t about to take the week off to spend time with them. I guess its just the nature of the beast. It was good to see many of the staff that we worked with in Mexico, I guess I’ll just have to wait until August for the full experience. We ended up going to see a Chicago Fire soccer game as they had donated tickets to us – it was pretty cold that night, and they ended up loosing, but I think the kids had a blast!

Speaking of freezing sporting events – Fasana was kind enough to invite me to the Cubs game on Sunday! After watching the Cubs TROUNCE the White Sox on TV on a gorgeous Saturday, I couldn’t wait! Sunday didn’t end up being quite as nice – the weather or the final score. But any time spent at the friendly confines is a great time! I just hope I get to enjoy a game with the gorgeous weather we have been having since!

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  1. I’m sure you’ll get to go to a game when it’s nice this year!! When you and I went it was really nice, just cold. Cubs-Sox Game coming up on June 22…. It’ll be gorgeous and warm then!

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