What a waste!

No matter what temperature I set my thermostat to in the office, its freezing in here! I’m wearing a jacket during the summer and short sleeves during the winter inside – ridiculous! I don’t know i the building takes time to adjust to outside temperatures or what. But the A/C is blasting in here – and its not even warm outside! As evidence by this image – top is actual temperature, bottom is what I have it set to. I asked our CFO about heating/cooling bills, and we pay for every ounce of energy! As we are a non-profit, any money wasted hurts…

I can’t help but to wonder how much energy is wasted in other parts of the world…

One thought on “What a waste!”

  1. The same thing happens here in the Hancock. A few weeks ago it go so cold we complained and they told us the AC is not on and they can’t change it. However, it was 59 degrees in the office.
    I have a little space heater next to me that is on most of the time. AND I’m wearing a sweater. It’s stupid!
    We should do a little investigation on wasted energy and crack down on it…. There are better ways to spend money than to give it to People’s Engery and ComEd.

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