Northerly Island

Mel and Mike invited us to see The Fray last night at Charter One Pavilion on Northerly Island (aka Meigs Field). I had been wanting to go to Northerly Island since Mayor Daley had Xs bulldozed into the runway in 2003. (Google Maps still shows Meigs Field untouched!) It has since been handed over to the Chicago Park District and is now home to Charter One Pavilion. I remember first hearing a concert at Northerly on the boat that Mark and Dana had chartered for their rehearsal dinner! (anybody remember who was playing?!) The venue itself was fairly nice – I’m glad we had seats as the general admission was on runway pavement! Its quite amusing how much older one feels when going to a show like this!

OK Go had a ton of energy and was a lot of fun! No treadmills in their live show, I’m afraid. (just noticed that their YouTube video has 18.4 million views!) The Fray was fantastic! I had sort of written them off as “those guys that did the song for Grey’s Anatomy“. But I left the show quite impressed and with a hankering to purchase their CD! They did a fantastic rendition of Shakira’s Hips Don’t Lie – friggin hilarious! (why I didn’t take a video is beyond me!) Oh, and Dave, its called a Melodica. Overall a great night with good friends, good tunes, and beautiful weather in a fantastic city!

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  1. Meigs Field, an active business airport, is what this piece of geography should be. We already had a lakefront outdoor music pavillion, with better sound, nicer views and more convenient connections to the CTA- its called The Petrillo Band Shell. Ever hear of it? concerts, twice a week, during our limited summer weekends are a good thing. In grant park. We really should rebuild an airport downtown. If you think you support what has happenned (not much) since a competitive advanatge business asset was stolen from the taxpayers and business community, then I suggest you move to LaCrosse. or Morris. Or Tulip City. Chicago is the cityof big shoulders- you want comcerts in the summer, please visit millenium parl, grant park (Lallapaollza) ore any of our fine music venues and clubs. You want to be able to get to any client across the country, save yourself 3-4 hours in transit time, conduct a full meeting on the aiplanel… well, then lets get ourselves a new downtown airport.

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