Paging Dr. Justin Spitzer

I was watching tonight’s episode of The Office and I could not stop laughing when I saw this:

I know that smile! Yes, that’s right, my old roommate Justin Spitzer!! I knew he had written for The Office last season (as well as Scrubs) but I was not expecting to see him on TV – and in High Def no less! Wow – I can’t get over it! I lived with Justin in Evanston my junior and senior year at Northwestern – we had a blast! I’m thrilled to know he is doing what he loves, and the humor in that role was totally his! After doing a quick Google search – I found out that he is actually the Execuive Story Editor on The Office! Fantastic!

I’m going to send him an e-mail to congratulate him – but I wanted to post this as well, see if internet paging works. Maybe he will swing by while egogoogling!



I’ve been busy disassembling things as of late. After a bit of a bicycle mishap coming back from a Cubs game a few weeks ago, I broke my phone. When I started to lose my balance, I launched myself off of my bike to try to avoid breaking the phone, as I was on it! But I had gripped onto the phone too hard and cracked the LCD with my fingers! T-Mobile wanted $110 deductible to replace it (and I’ve been paying ~$7 a month for insurance!) So I purchased a replacement screen on eBay for $40 instead – it took forever to arrive, but I finally got the phone back up and running yesterday.

I haven’t been very good at blogging as of late, I guess I’m working on a personal disassembly – you see, something broke not too long ago, and I’m working on putting the pieces back together. It’s difficult to see how they will all fit again – but I know they came apart from one whole, so hopefully it is just a matter of time.

Our Engadget HD contest entry

I was going to enter the Engadget HD contest with my setup, but when talking to Greg about it I realized that his was far worse! We took the above video today for his entry. Unfortunately, the e-mail bounced – Engadget HD’s 3gb GMail account was full!! We await to see what they will say about those whose entries bounced. In the mean time for your enjoyment…