4 thoughts on “Southsourcing”

  1. You bought a Zune?? Wow, you are the first person I know who owns one. Is it any good?? My 3 year old non-colour iPod has died and I’m considering getting a new player.

    I’m not tied to iTunes but I like the podcast integration. How is the MS/Zune implementation?


  2. I have to pipe in here and give praise to my iRiver Clix media player. It has a ton of features that iPods don’t, including FM radio, mp3 recording capabilities, java games, a slick/intuitive GUI and of course, audio and video file support.

    Unfortunately, it recommends using Window Media Player, but I found that I could open the device with regular Window explorer without the need to install WMP 10.

    Now that Amazon MP3 downloads are up and running, it makes even more sense to get a non-iPod.



  3. The Clix is a cool player – but limited by 8gb, and its not cheap. I paid $150 for my Zune, it has 30gb of storage and a 3″ screen. Granted, its much bigger than the Clix and a tad bit bigger than an iPod – but for taking the train to work and back (and listening to music at work) its perfect!

    What I really want to figure out is how to store my pictures on the Zune for the trip to Thailand!

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