Too much?

I went to bed early last night, 9:45pm to be exact – it was much needed as my ‘lil sister kept me out all weekend! Its funny, I feel like I’m not doing much, or I don’t have much going on – but when I sit and actually think about it – I’m doing a lot. The question is, is it too much?

6:30pm – meet with Greg for dinner
8:00pm – Chicago Symphony Orchestra – Mahler’s 6th
11:15pm – meet Teresa and friends for Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind (they sold out and ordered out!)
12:45am – Konak’s until close
~1:45am – Fireside (time uncertain as we walked a hella long way) until close (many Hacker Pschorr’s later)
~4:30am – headed back to one of Teresa’s friend’s places to continue the party
~7:00am – Sarkis baby (the reviews are hilarious)
~9:00am – show up at my Parent’s place, both of them having just gotten up “Pablo – what is going on?!”
11:30am – wake up and somehow convince myself that I’ve had 5 hours of sleep
12:00pm – realize that the keys to the GTI are at my apartment, drive down to get them
1:00pm – get back to the P’s and get to work on fixing the GTI (don’t ask what broke)
3:00pm – take the GTI for a spin, and come home to watch the Cal game with Greg and the family (sorry Greg!)
6:00pm – head back with Teresa to get ready for TK’s b-day party
8:00pm – Bravo Tapas for the b-day dinner
12:00am – MAC’s
1:30am – 3:00am – Melanie’s friend’s party
3:30am – finally home
10:00am – had to set the alarm – watched F1 qualifying
11:30am – Jackie’s place for breakfast with Pepe, Ciara, Enda and the baby
3:00pm – Watched Chicago Fire v. L.A. Galaxy – they clinched the playoffs! (eat it Beckham!)
6:00pm – watched the final F1 race of the season at Jackie’s with Pepe (3 way race for the title! Bummed that Hamilton didn’t win, stoked for Kimi! Andy’s take)
8:00pm – home and totally exhausted… trying to prove I’m not 30??

3 thoughts on “Too much?”

  1. Here’s how my day goes:
    Midnight: up to pee
    2 am: up to pee
    4 am: up to pee
    6-7 am: up to pee, shower, and go to work
    6-7 pm: crash on couch after work and whine to Mark to make me dinner
    8 pm: get off couch to go pee
    9-10 pm: go to bed after bitching about being huge and pregnant

    And keep in mind–I’m totally sober throughout all of this. 🙂

    Don’t know how you do it, baby—

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