Taxi Cab Confessions

Just took a cab home from Loi’s bachelor party and had a fascinating conversation with the driver. I asked him how he was doing and he said that it was a crazy night. He told me that he decided long ago not to pick up “single” (one person) people anymore. He said that they were usually so drunk and so upset that they were going home alone that they take it out on him! I asked him why he picked me up – he said, I looked like a happy person. Ha! He then told me that women are crazy, he had piqued my curiosity. Apparently, when people leave cell phones in the cab, they usually realize it and have a friend call their number until the cabbie picks up. He then meets with the person wherever they are to return the phone, expecting a bit of compensation for his trouble. He said that the guys always give him a big tip for helping them out – and that the women only give him a dollar or two. Because of this, he no longer returns women’s phones when they call, he tells them that they have to pick it up from the company the next day! Hilarious! As we approached my place, he said “I’m glad I picked up such a jolly person!”


3 thoughts on “Taxi Cab Confessions”

  1. Pretty funny, Pablo! I always thought it was interesting to strike up conversations with cab drivers…they always have interesting stories to tell!

  2. Jolly? That’s usually a nice way of saying that you are chubby. Cabbies are a microcosm of the U.S. I once was in a cab where the driver was from Senegal, I congratulated him on his country making it to the World Cup (this was early part of 2002)…so we just talked soccer the whole time. Best cab conversation I’ve ever had, but doesn’t sounds as nearly as entertaining as yours.

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