5 thoughts on “Newsworthy!?”

  1. There are absolutely some things that are not worth reporting. I give as example the fact that CNN’s Headline News showed every minute of OJ’s recent time in court. This even though it wasn’t even an actual trial! What should have been an interesting footnote in a regular news cast was instead a fork-in-the-eye style boring mess. No worthy news to be had. Sad, so sad. I would also group Paris Hilton, Perez Hilton, and their ilk into the “not worth reporting” category. Judging by “US Weekly” circulation, many would disagree. Sad, so sad.

  2. Hey!

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    Among the globes to be auctioned are mini-globes from:

    * Bill Clinton
    * Robert Redford
    * David Schwimmer
    * Tobey Maguire
    * Eva Mendes
    * Rob Corddry
    * Jenny Lennon and the cast of “Reno 911”
    * Magic Johnson
    * Dave Winfield
    * Chicago Bear Tommie Harris
    * Tony Bennett
    * BB King
    * Heather Headley
    * The Gypsy Kings

    The auction will take place online, hosted by eBay, so that even those who
    don’t live in or around Chicago can make an offer. You can view globes or
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    I thought your blog readers might be interested in learning more. Please
    feel free to reply with any questions and I hope you’ll consider writing
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    P.S. Feel free to delete this comment if you’re not interested in keeping it posted.

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