December 1

I recognize that this post it actually at 12:12am on December 2nd – but the beauty of having your own blog is that you can change the time stamp! Besides, as Dave would say – its not the next day until you wake up! That being said, it is still December first – with brings with it a new month – and in Chicago, it has brought snow! As it blankets the world around me, I find myself in a familiar, but different place. Sounds are muffled, each step I take creaks in the snow, cars seem to glide by on a cushion of white… and I’ve made a decision. I will post once a day from now until my trip to Thailand. At least, I’ll do my best. What can I say!? I’ve been ill – my motivation to write has been next to nothing. But I’ve realized that it motivates me – and if I have something to shoot for, I’ll write more – and really, how can that be so bad??

Don’t quote me on that! 😉

Until tomorrow(/today)…

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