Chicago’s gigantic tree after the show on Saturday

Yes – Thanksgiving was over a week ago, but this past week ranks down with the worst of ’em. I, as usual, stretched myself too thin during the holiday. I even preemptively took Wednesday as a sick day to enjoy a long 5 day weekend – but that wasn’t to be. After going out too late two nights in a row, running back and forth between the folks and the city, throwing in a trip to Madison for a night… my body decided it was payback time. I felt it creeping up on me on Sunday while having dinner for my Mom’s birthday – I was totally out of it. I got home at a decent hour, but Pepe was in town and wanted to go out for a drink. I convinced them to do coffee instead – which turned into dinner. I only ordered soup – but about halfway through our meal I started shaking. Rather then head straight home, I weathered it out – and as soon as I got home, I finally took my temperature – 101.9. Oops. Suffice it to say, I hardly slept that night, and ended up calling in sick on Monday and Tuesday. I felt better on Wednesday, but just getting to the office took a lot out of me. Headed to my Dad’s clinic and he verified that I still had a fever and now my glands were all swelling up. Wonderful. Went to work on Thursday and Friday – but did little to nothing at home. Finally went out for the first time last night, with the self-imposed midnight curfew. I have to say, I haven’t been hit this hard for quite some time. It ain’t easy being sick – and if it wasn’t for BSG – I’d have driven myself crazy by now! Still not 100% recovered – but almost there. My body is telling me to take things down a notch.

That being said, spending time with the entire family (including my Aunt and cousins from MN) was wonderful. I’m kicking myself a bit as I wasn’t collected enough to remember to take any group family photos – good thing memories last forever! I even got to catch up with my friend Marisa in Madison! It was fantastic seeing her and spending time with her – it had been over 5 years! Timing was a bit tight as I had a show on Saturday to go to with the fam, after a 2.5 hour return drive I arrived exactly when the show began! Luckily they started a bit late – so I got to enjoy every second of Tao! HIGHLY recommended!

In other news – congrats to the proud new parents Mark and Dana!! Their baby Caroline is adorable!

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