Snow, pictures and other thoughts

Its snowing outside! I’d post a picture, but I have to get my camera back from Dave. I actually found a few group pics from Thanksgiving, I was just looking for them to post – and I got caught up going back a few years in pics. Not sure what I was looking for – or if I was looking for anything in particular, but it sure makes one nostalgic! Turns out the thanksgiving pics are on my laptop, so it’ll have to wait until tomorrow. I did make it to the Brew and View yesterday – Superbad and The Simpsons Movie. I have to disagree with Dave on Superbad – I think its really a movie to watch in a big group! The Simpsons Movie, on the other hand, had very few redeeming qualities – and that was after quite a few beers! The place was actually pretty full! Reminded me of old times! Shame they don’t have $2 pitchers anymore… 🙂

(posted just before midnight again! not a second to spare!)

3 thoughts on “Snow, pictures and other thoughts”

  1. Nieve!
    Que envidia!

    Pablo, tienes que ver “El Orfanato” (The Orphanage?) cuando esa pelicula llegue a los EEUU.

    Es muy buena!

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