Eight in ’08

2008 is henceforth known as the year of the weddings. It is going to be totally insane. Eight weddings so far!

  • December 29 – Krong and Mike (Thailand)
  • March 1 – Doug and Seth (LA)
  • April 12 – Rachel and Mike (Mexico)
  • May 17 – Janet and Steve
  • May ?? – Maria and Dinos (Cyprus)
  • June 21 – Sarah and Dave
  • July 12 – Joscelyn and TK (NY)
  • September 6 – Keri and Dave
  • September 27 – Sarah and Tony
  • Granted, Loi’s is in 2007, but its close enough! I’ll be bringing in 2008 in Thailand anyhow! With 5 out of town weddings (3 out of country!) I’m certain I won’t be able to go to them all. Especially considering the bachelor parties that will be going on! Seriously guys – did you all have to pick the same year?! Its going to be nuts!

    I’ll be updating this post with links to the “wedding sites” as they go live. No pressure… Dave.

    3 thoughts on “Eight in ’08”

    1. We have 2 this year, one at Great American Ballpark in Cinci and the other in the Outer Banks in the Carolinas.

      My boss will be in Thailand at the same time as you. Freaky.

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