Travel arrangements

I’m at the hotel in Hat Yai trying to figure out the rest of my trip. Now I’m having problems with my credit card, even though I told them I’d be traveling ahead of time, they have put a hold on my account. Fantastic. I’ve figured out that I need to be in Bangkok on Friday to get my visa for Vietnam (I’m REALLY wishing that I did it ahead of time now) so I booked a flight out of Phuket on Thursday night. Friday will be visa day – whopee. I’m putting my faith in the monk that tied a string around my arm for good luck! Heres hoping it goes smoothly!

Its funny, even though you try to do things ahead of time, issues have a way of cropping up. Oh well, thats travel for you!

Wait a sec! May have just found a solution! I’ll keep you posted!

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