Koh Phi Phi on a longtail

From Thailand 2008

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Just finished up an incredible day on a longtail boat going to different parts of Phi Phi islands! Weather was perfect and I’m an interesting shade of pink. Oops. Totally worth it, best snorkeling I’ve ever done, by far – and got to use the underwater case for the first time! Pics turned out better than expected! I’ve got a ton more, but this is all for now. We actually visited the island that The Beach was filmed on. Gorgeous – but FILLED with tourists. Mostly Sweedish and Australian. A lot of wicked sunburns around here, let me tell you! Mike, Krong and their parents leave tomorrow – so my solo adventure begins. I’m staying here tomorrow night, and possibly another… then its off to Phuket and back to Bangkok to catch my flight to Saigon! The on-line visa service seems to work – though I had to e-mail them a “copy” of my credit card. A bit disconcerting, but the helpful folks over at Thorntree forums have had positive experiences.

Hope all is well with everybody – and that you Chicagoans weren’t affected too much by the weather. It made international news!

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