Buddha help me

I think I mentioned the bracelet that the monk gave me… I fully believe that it has given me all the luck in the world! I got my ticket to Vietnam on Air France (go figure, and thanks Greg!) and I somehow made it home tonight walking home in the rain… at 2am… in the jungle. I somehow decided I should walk instead of the 100 bhat longtail. Buddha sent a dog to guide me, I jest you not. I owe that dog my life (and a forthcoming YouTube video). Met a bunch of Finn dudes (hope the one got the sea urchin spikes out), then some Californians, followed by the Thai waiters, then some Sweedes – finshied off with a New Yorker and two Danishes (mmmmm…. danishes). Crazy night, time to set up the mosquito net and get some shuteye! Last day of snorkeling tomorrow! Really don’t want to leave Koh Phi Phi! .

6 thoughts on “Buddha help me”

  1. What was the dog’s name?

    Hanging out in Seoul with my parents today–flight’s delayed due to snow! Fun stuff. Take care of yourself, my friend!

  2. yay! Pablo just wanted to let you know I’m reading and I love you. It all sounds amazing, I’m jealous and I hope you’re filling up that journal. I know you are. 🙂
    Take care of yourself and those sunburns!!!

  3. Pablito, why walk through a jungle at 2 in the morning??? What about poisonous snakes? Well I’ll trust in Buddha to keep you safe…

  4. I remember that conversation with your mom in the car… you always have to do SOMETHING crazy when you’re on vacation. Walking through the jungle at 2am is probably exactly that. Glad to know Buddha is keeping you safe!!

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