Swimming with sharks

Im hoping this post gets through. The hackers are back and threatening to take down the blog! Im thinking that I pissed them off by posting the fix. I just finished backing it up, so Im keeping my fingers crossed!
My last day in Phi Phi was fantastic! Found a Reef Shark while snorkeling – it was REALLY fast, have a 2 sec video of him… awesome! Then met up with the Finns to hop on they ferry to Phuket. I stayed in Patong beach last night – and was pretty dissapointed. Beach was beautiful – but the town was gaudy at best. I was accosted multiple times by “lady escorts” (at least I think they were all ladies!), the shop owners were obnoxious as well. I ended up getting street food (delish!) to get away from the seedyness. Wish it wasn’t my last impression of Thailand!
Now at the airport waiting for a flight to Bangkok then on to Vietnam!
Almost forgot. I lost my guidebook yesterday too… but ound a bookstore and took digital pics of the pages I needed! What can I say, desperate times call for desperate measures! .

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